I have created objects that act as props in a staged environment. Our desires and ideals in terms of living are often influenced by advertisements and things we see both on the internet and on the television. We, as people, are incredibly susceptible and naive to information we are fed. Meaning, if we are told that certain places are desirable or material objects luxurious, we seem to be lured in and respond to it. In my mind it is garish and has the aesthetic qualities of an old game show.

Birdsong is recognised as an aid to relaxation; creating an alternative environment in which we can imagine oneself. Here, birdsong is overlaying an uncomfortable drone. The intent is to create an unsettling soundtrack through which one moves within the space. It is the dystopian tones of the world we have created for ourselves.

The office plant is a recurring theme in my work, they are crammed into every space, creating a false sense of utopian living but also bringing an element of hope, of relaxation into the everyday. I aim to glorify the office plant as a societal need, the glorification being both amusing and slightly pitiful. The suspending of the plant over the pool is important; recognising the state at which things reside; in a state of flux and susceptible to change.

The pool is symbolic of peoples dreams and ideals in term of living and relaxation. The water in my pool is not real but a print of a desktop screen saver found on the internet. I like the idea that this and similar images can be downloaded from a stock pile of images and can be collectively used by people all over the world. A symbol of hope or longing when the computer switches to screensaver.

Sat on top of the marble plinths is a piece of gold leaf plasticine, on top on some pink stones, taken from a corporate display. The faux gold represents our want for such luxuries but often the products are replicas and not the real thing.

Dotted around the room are prints of far away places. The Pyramids are the furthest down the wall; most accessible. Hollywood is lit up with a spot light; many of our desires and ideals being based on things we see in hollywood – celebrity fads, films, the sunshine seen on googlemaps.